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November 23, 2020

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Step into the innovative mind of Mario Domingo - the Founder of several Artificial Intelligence Technology companies in Life Sciences, Media, Consumer and finance.

Agile, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Innovation

more-yo vlogs

Starting Innovation

Read more Do you believe that innovation can start everywhere? While Mario Domingo believes that it can, there are more important factors to consider in starting innovation. Let's find out more about this as Mario explains how innovation can bring value to the organization.


Sparking Innovation

Read more With Digital Transformation, Innovation is vital. However, the problem we tend to face is we do not know how or where to begin. For this video, we will learn from Mario Domingo with his insights on how to spark Innovation.

Innovation, Digital Transformation

Importance of Agile PM

Read more The business world is full of possibilities. Changes happen every day as we live in an instant world. But have you ever thought how businesses manage to keep up with the changes that happen every day? To answer this question, Mario Domingo discusses why Agile Project Management is important.

Project Management, Agile

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